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Game Description

How could a game with numbers and boxes be so amazingly difficult? Play free Minesweeper online and find out. The goal of Minesweeper is to find where all the mines (bombs) are within a specific field of squares. To help you, the game shows a number in a square which tells you how many mines there are adjacent to that square. Your task is to work out where the mines are without detonating any of them. So you're probably asking yourself, how could this possibly be difficult? Play free Minesweeper online and discover the creative challenge that is Minesweeper.


Our free online minesweeper game is classic! You can enjoy your favorite pastime anytime, anywhere with anyone. Use logical strategy and discover different patterns to clear the rectangular board containing hidden skulls!

How to Play Minesweeper

Minesweeper is not as hard as you think. You can learn the Minesweeper rules here! 1. Some tiles on the rectangular board contain skulls (mines) and some don't. 2. When you click a tile that does not contain skull, you get a number. 3. The number shows how many skulls are touching the uncovered tile (the tile adjacent above, below, left, right, and all 4 diagonals). 4. You have 15 chances to drag flags onto the tiles that you think contain skulls. 5. You can continue to click on the tiles that you think do not contain skulls. 6. You win when you clear the board without clicking on the skulls. 7. The game is over if you click on skulls three times.

Fun Facts about Minesweeper

- Clicking randomly in the middle of the Minesweeper board will give you a 20% chance of losing.
- Clicking a random adjacent cell next to number 1 will give you a 13% chance of losing.
- The best place to start clicking on the Minesweeper board is a corner, then on an edge, then in the middle.
- Bill Gates was the first person to score 4 seconds in Minesweeper Beginner.
- The World Record for Minesweeper Expert is 31.133 seconds, held by Kamil Murański on July 3, 2010.

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