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Classic Solitaire Card Game

Classic Solitaire is definitely one of the world’s most popular online card games. Every day, millions of people all over the globe enjoy stacking cards and polishing their skills for free.

Which Solitaire should you choose?

Klondike Solitaire is the legendary version of solitaire, with the most recognizable setup. This browser version has taken the game to a completely new level. If you're a beginner, try FreeCell, where all puzzles are solvable. Are you an experienced player and looking for a challenge? Luckily, we have some advanced options for you to choose from. On our website, games.xfinity.com, we've added six new versions of solitaire for those who like modern twists on classics. Have you considered trying Golf Solitaire? Try that version and many more!


It’s easy to learn how to play Solitaire. The game is played with 52 cards, so the first thing you see on the screen of your phone, tablet or PC are cards arranged in four different piles. Each has a unique name:

• Stock – cards lying face down in the upper left corner.
• Waste – cards lying face up in the upper left corner, next to the Stock.
• Foundations – four groups of cards on the top right.
• Tableau – seven groups of cards in the main table.


The objective of the game is to stack all cards in four foundations, one for each suit, from Ace to King. Then, you'll need to learn how to manipulate these cards on your screen. The basic rule is that you can move cards from one pile to another as long as their colors alternate and they are in sequential order from highest to lowest. For example, you can put a black 9 on a red 10, and so on. There are other acceptable moves:

• Flip cards from Stock to Waste.
• Move cards from Waste to Foundations.
• Move cards from Waste to Tableau.
• Move cards from one Tableau pile to another. Do not forget about the basic rule: the card you’ve selected must be in a different color and one higher in rank. You can also move multiple cards at the same time, as long as the whole group is lined up in this manner. Remember, if you have an empty tableau pile, you can only place a King there.
• Move cards from Tableau onto Foundations if you need an empty space for a new Tableau pile.
• Flip a face-down card in a Tableau pile.
• Undo any of your moves as many times as you need!


Your score coordinates with how many moves you’ve made and how much time it took. When people play solitaire, they are usually competing against themselves to beat their own records, but on our website there’s also a leaderboard. Make sure your name gets to the top! At games.xfinity.com, we have a variety of free solitaire versions to offer. Give them a shot to test your skills and find your favorite!

You can also try easy and difficult crossword puzzles and test your knowledge on our website.

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